Monday, 4 April 2011


Panorama view over a lake 15 minutes away from the house.

It's really nice to walk in the woods when it's a bit mystical.
You kind of expect a big troll jumping out from the depth's of the forest.
Some days can be really slow and dark, especially now when the weather is a bit grey. Luckily the spring is on its way back to Sweden. For me the sun is very important! I feel like one of those guys in anime's with the purple grey ooze hanging above them when the weather is gloomy. But when the sun pop's out I feel like a sunflower grasping every little sunbeam coming my way. Anyway, study can be a bit tricky at times and maybe not what i would call "logic" always, but at least it's going forward! While I sometimes get the feeling that I am hanging on a thin thread of passing (it feels like that sometimes =P) math, I still feel some sort of security because of three reasons;
Another victim by the ruthless beaver
1. A Japanese charm for study that I got from a friend.

2. All the support and tips I've got from everyone.

3. The fact that my mothers "guy" is a teacher in math, plus the fact that I'm surrounded by mathematicians, for example my girlfriend.

'til next time! // Alex
The protector of the forest.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


After many sigh's and much regret I saw an "undelete" button(!), you have got to love Google! Much has happened since I last wrote and much will come to happen! I am now in Hofors, Sweden. A little place in mid Sweden. Here I will spend my time getting my grades in math up. It started as usual with thinking of the future..shocker! And after a lot of but's and if's I decided to take the bull by its horns and be done with it. The real problem was getting to Sweden! I have always thought I was the worst person on a plane considering flight phobia. Apparently I share the first place with my girlfriend Efi and my good friends Chris and Allison. Fortunately, I had a good send off, a pleasant "weekend" style days with my girlfriend and her family and a very cozy and comforting earth hour dinner with Chris and Allison the day before lift off. So here I am sitting at home in Hofors after a near nervous breakdown doing math and eating awesome food as I have missed (No disrespect for Greek food intended)! Now if I just could figure out how much one times one is and I will be set for life!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shock, Horror!

Hello there again! As the title says, We had a smaller incident yesterday night concerning our laptop. I had just fallen asleep and suddenly a friend from my Greek class called me up. We talked for a short while. Since he was calling from Britain we thought to use a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program instead. We managed to set everything up, but just as we were about to speak, my laptop suddenly just died(!).

Since I have sent my laptop for service about three times these past six month's already, I was not happy. Anyway the clock was a little bit too late, so there were nothing else to do than go to bed. Today, when I woke up, I tried to see if I could do anything about the problem. Without luck or light I found nothing. My guess was that the battery had given up.

Once again I left it on my sofa, waiting for the time to pass by, so that we could call the service center. Time went and my girlfriend woke up, ready to call. She took out and looked at the battery where it has the model number of the laptop. Here comes the weird and funny part (and well, the relieving part); it started! Like nothing had happened!

So here I am, learnt myself a much valuable lesson, which is never to buy a brand that has bad service! Always look up how the service is before buying anything in Greece, even though it's great in your country! Thank you for taking time to read this blog! If  you have a question or a request for me to write about something special happening down (or up) here in Athens, make a comment about it and I will try to write about it.

I hope you had a great st.valentine's day yesterday and continue to have a great week! // Alex

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring time...?

Our little "boula"

My girlfiend insisted on taking a picture
Looks like summer
So here I am once again. Nothing  new has really happened since last time. Except that the weather has become sunny and beautiful again, and the temperature has gone from six to 15 degrees. Even though I haven't had the pleasure to take a stroll outside I have been enjoying it from our balcony, with our cat, Aleka. But even though the weather is warmer, you still see people walking around in heavy winter clothes though. It might seem weird for people like me, that comes from the north, to see Greeks dressing in canada goose jackets and having winter boots. But then again they have a lot warmer during the summer so for them it's probably very cold. Speculations! Anyway the weather is very beautiful today, and it is a good day for walking outside, wether it is up in the mountains surrounding Athens or the streets surrounding inner Athens. So that's that for today! Next time I thought to go to an area near Athens Centre, called Gazi. There they have a game exhibition going on right now, so I thought I have to check it out. the price is 10 € for weekdays and 14 € for weekends. Have a great day, see you next time! // Alex

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A new era for...

Both me and you as we shall start getting to know eachother! You want me to begin? OK here goes! As I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to say in (for me) the first blog ever (!), I can't help to think about how other people write. I mean, should it be funny, should it be informative or just Alex weird as usual. Well to begin with I think I will stick to being informative! So... I'm Alex as you probably know by now. I am born and raised in Sweden, but I'm also part Greek hence why I'm in Greece. Greece has always attracted me for several of reasons. Mainly two, one because its part of my roots and now two because I met my girlfriend here in Greece, or as somone told me "ah, you're one of those?". So to the question you might ask yourself by now; why are you doing this? Well, simply put I want mainly to have a good contact with my family and friends back in Sweden. But also I would like to give an outside view of Athens to whoever come and visits here. While I'm sure that this has been said and done several of hundreds of times before, I can't but to help thinking that at the same time it has been done it IS the first time for me! Thank you, whoever you are, even if you just stumbled upon it, for reading it! Until next time! //Alex